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ovr13:2019 Association between Mortality and Short-Term Exposure to Particles, Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide in Stockholm, Sweden  ovr2019_013.pdf3527 kB
ovr12:2019 Driftåtgärder mot PM10 i Stockholm 2017-2018  Utvärdering av vintersäsongen 2017–2018ovr2019_012.pdf7000 kB
ovr11:2019 Driftåtgärder mot PM10 i Stockholm 2016-2017  Utvärdering av vintersäsongen 2016–2017ovr2019_011.pdf13506 kB
ovr10:2019 Cancer Risk Assessment of Airborne PAHs Based on in Vitro Mixture Potency Factors  External link
ovr9:2019 Indicators of residential traffic exposure: Modelled NOX, traffic proximity, and self-reported exposure in RHINE III  External link
ovr8:2019 Trends in black carbon and size-resolved particle number concentrations and vehicle emission factors under real-world conditions  ovr2019_008.pdf1028 kB
ovr6:2019 Air pollution as a risk factor in health impact assessments of a travel mode shift towards cycling  ovr2019_006.pdf1567 kB
ovr5:2019 Trends in air pollutants and health impacts in three Swedish cities over the past three decades  ovr2019_005.pdf5034 kB
ovr4:2019 A Multi-Pollutant Air Quality Health Index (AQHI). Based on Short-Term Respiratory Effects in Stockholm, Sweden  ovr2019_004.pdf2468 kB
ovr3:2019 Impacts on air pollution and health by changing commuting from car to bicycle  ovr2019_003.pdf1191 kB
ovr2:2019 Road dust load dynamics and influencing factors for six winter seasons in Stockholm, Sweden  ovr2019_002.pdf4344 kB
ovr1:2019 Optidrift  Optimerad vinter- och barmarksdrift för bättre luftkvalitetovr2019_001.pdf12627 kB
ovr1:2018 On particulate emissions from moving trains in a tunnel enviroment  ovr2018_001.pdf1213 kB
ovr6:2017 Health Impact of PM10, PM2.5 and Black Carbon Exposure Due to Different Source Sectors in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Umea, Sweden  External link
ovr3:2017 Driftåtgärder mot PM10 i Stockholm. Utvärdering av vintersäsongen 2015–2016  VTI Report, 928ovr2017_003.pdf8811 kB
ovr2:2017 Particles in road and railroad tunnel air  Sources, properties and abatement measuresExternal link
ovr7:2016 Cocaine and cannabinoids in the atmosphere of Northern Europe cities, comparison with Southern Europe and wastewater analysis  External link
ovr5:2016 Determination of semi-volatile and particle-associated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Stockholm air with emphasis on the highly carcinogenic dibenzopyrene isomers  External link
ovr4:2016 Can dispersion modeling of air pollution be improved by land-use regression? An example from Stockholm, Sweden  External link
ovr3:2016 Traffic pollution at the home address and pregnancy outcomes in Stockholm, Sweden  ovr2016_003.pdf950 kB
ovr2:2016 Driftåtgärder mot PM10 i Stockholm. Utvärdering av vintersäsongen 2014–2015  VTI rapport 897External link
ovr1:2016 The Use of Carbonaceous Particle Exposure Metrics in Health Impact Calculations  ovr2016_001.pdf1313 kB
ovr4:2015 Traffic pollution at the home address and pregnancy outcomes in Stockholm, Sweden  ovr2015_004.pdf922 kB
ovr3:2015 Potential health impacts of changes in air pollution exposure associated with moving traffic into a road tunnel  External link
ovr2:2015 Driftåtgärder mot PM10 i Stockholm. Utvärdering av vintersäsongen 2013–2014  VTI rapport 847External link
ovr1:2015 Characterisation and Source Apportionment of Submicron Particle Number Size Distributions in a Busy Street Canyon  External link
ovr4:2014 Comparing land use regression and dispersion modelling to assess residential exposure to ambient air pollution for epidemiological studies  External link
ovr3:2014 VTI - Driftåtgärder mot PM10 i Stockholm – utvärdering av vintersäsongen 2012–2013  VTI rapport 802External link
ovr2:2014 Halter av partiklar (PM10) vid skolor och förskolor intill hårt trafikbelastade vägar i Stockholms län. Bedömningar och spridningsberäkningar  Trafikverket, Publikation: 2014:036 ISBN: 978-91-7467-558-0ovr2014_002.pdf2888 kB
ovr1:2014 Åtgärder mot höga halter av partiklar (PM10) på platser där människor vistas intill hårt trafikbelastade vägar i Stockholms län  Trafikverket, Publikation: 2014:034 ISBN: 978-91-7467-557-3ovr2014_001.pdf2645 kB
ovr8:2013 Volcanic Ash and Daily Mortality in Sweden after the Icelandic Volcano Eruption of May 2011  External link
ovr7:2013 Chronic burden of near-roadway traffic pollution in 10 European cities (APHEKOM network). Epidemiology, Occupational and Environmental Lung Disease, 42, 594-605, 2013  External link
ovr6:2013 A coupled road dust and surface moisture model to predict non-exhaust road traffic induced particle emissions (NORTRIP). Part 1: Road dust loading and suspension modelling  External link
ovr5:2013 VTI - Driftåtgärder mot PM10 på Hornsgatan och Sveavägen i Stockholm - utvärdering av vintersäsongen 2011–2012  External link
ovr4:2013 The Policy Relevance of Wear Emissions from Road Transport, Now and in the Future - An International Workshop Report and Consensus Statement  External link
ovr3:2013 Temporal Variation in Air Pollution Concentrations and Preterm Birth—A Population Based Epidemiological Study  ISSN: 1680-8584 print / 2071-1409 online doi: 10.4209/aaqr.2010.04.0025External link
ovr2:2013 Size-Resolved Respiratory Tract Deposition of Sub-Micrometer Aerosol Particles in a Residential Area with Wintertime Wood Combustion  ISSN: 1680-8584 print / 2071-1409 online doi: 10.4209/aaqr.2010.04.0025External link
ovr1:2013 Air pollution episodes in Stockholm regional background air due to sources in Europe and their effects on human population  BOREAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCHExternal link
ovr14:2012 Vägbeläggningar och PM10 - sammanställning av Trafikverksfinansierade forskningsresultat kring hur vägbeläggningars egenskaper påverkar emissioner och egenskaper hos slitagepartiklar  Trafikverket, ISBN:978-91-7467-431-6 | 2012:240External link
ovr13:2012 Road pavements and PM10 - summary of the results of research funded by the Swedish Transport Administration on how the properties of road pavements influence emissions and the properties of wear particles.  Trafikverket, ISBN: 978-91-7467-432-3 | 2012:241External link
ovr12:2012 Environmentally Adapted Speed on E18 – English Abridgement of Progress Report 2010.  Trafikverket, ISBN: 978-91-7467-359-3 | 2012:156External link
ovr11:2012 NORTRIP - NOn-exhaust Road TRaffic Induced Particle emissions - Development of a model for assessing the effect on air quality and exposure.  ITM Report 212, Stockholm universityExternal link
ovr10:2012 NORTRIP model development and documentation.  NILU reportExternal link
ovr9:2012 Deterioration of air quality across Sweden due to transboundary agricultural burning emissions.  Boreal Environment Research, in pressExternal link
ovr8:2012 Modelling effects of climate change on air quality and population exposure in urban planning scenarios  Advances in MeteorologyExternal link
ovr7:2012 ITM-report 212: NORTRIP  NOn-exhaust Road TRaffic Induced Particle emissionsExternal link
ovr6:2012 NORTRIP model development and documentation  Non-exhaust road traffic induced particle emission modellingExternal link
ovr5:2012 The policy relevance of wear emissions from road transport, now and in the future  ovr2012_005.pdf3350 kB
ovr4:2012 Volcanic ash over Scandinavia originating from the Grímsvötn eruptions in May 2011  J. Geophys. Res. (Atmos.), in press.External link
ovr3:2012 Automobile tires - a potential source of highly carcinogenic dibenzopyrenes to the environment  Environ. Sci. Technol., in pressExternal link
ovr2:2012 Traffic-related air pollution and development of allergic sensitization in children during the first 8 years of life.  The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 129, 240-246,External link
ovr1:2012 Mätning av starkt carcinogena dibensopyrener i jämförelse med humancarcinogenen bens(a)pyren [B(a)P] i Stockholmsluft från vägtrafik  Dep of analytical chemistry, Reportovr2012_001.pdf922 kB
ovr5:2011 14C-Based source assessment of soot aerosols in Stockholm and the Swedish EMEP-Aspvreten regional background site  Atmospheric Environment, 45, 215–222.External link
ovr4:2011 Spatiotemporal distribution of light-absorbing carbon and its relationship to other atmospheric pollutants in Stockholm  Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 11, 13279-13316External link
ovr3:2011 The Relationship Between 0.25-2.5 µm Aerosol and CO2 Emissions over a City.   Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 10, 21521-21545External link
ovr2:2011 Seasonal and diurnal cycles of 0.25-2.5 µm aerosol and CO2 fluxes over urban Stockholm, Sweden.  Tellus B, 63, 935-951External link
ovr1:2011 Estimated Short-Term Effects of Coarse Particles on Daily Mortality in Stockholm, Sweden  Environmental Health PerspectivesExternal link
ovr3:2010 Road dust emissions from paved roads measured 1 using different mobile systems  J. Air & Waste Manage. Assoc. 60:1422-1433.External link
ovr2:2010 Kartläggning av partiklar i Sverige - halter, källbidrag och kunskapsluckor  SMHI Report 144External link
ovr1:2010 A review on the effectiveness of street sweeping, washing and dust suppressants as urban PM control methods  Science of the Total environment,408, 3070-3084.External link
ovr9:2009 The mortality cost of particulate matter due to emissions in the Stockholm area – an investigation into harmfulness, sources and the geographical dimension of their impact  External link
ovr8:2009 Road traffic emission factors for heavy metals.  Atmospheric Environment, 43, 4681-4688.External link
ovr7:2009 Population exposure and mortality due to regional background PM in Europe - Long-term simulations of source region and shipping contributions  Atmospheric environment, 43, 3614-3620External link
ovr6:2009 Levels of vehicle exhaust particles outside the home and the development of rhinitis and asthma among adults.  In PhD diss. Lars Modig, Umeå university, ISBN 978-91-7264-793-0External link
ovr5:2009 Source-Receptor and Inverse Modelling to quantify urban PARTiculate emissions (SRIMPART)  Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen 2009. ISBN 978-92-893-1906-5External link
ovr4:2009 The effects of congestions tax on air quality and health  Atmospheric Environment, 43, 4843-4854.External link
ovr3:2009 Estimating PM2.5 over Southern Sweden using spaceborne optical measurements  Atmospheric Environment, 43, 5838-5846.External link
ovr2:2009 WEAREM Wear particles from road traffic - a field, laboratory and modeling study  IVL Report B1830External link
ovr1:2009 Nanowear - nanopartiklar från slitage av däck- och vägbana  VTI Report, 660External link
ovr1:2008 Factors affecting non-tailpipe aerosol particle emissions from paved roads: on road measurements in Stockholm, Sweden  Atmos. Environ. 42 688-702External link
ovr5:2007 Identification and determination of highly carcinogenic dibenzopyrene isomers in air particulate samples from a street canyon, a rooftop and a subway station in Stockholm  Environ. Sci. Technol., Vol. 41(3), pp 731-737External link
ovr4:2007 Studies of some measures to reduce road dust emissions from paved roads in Scandinavia.  Atmospheric Environment, 40, 6154-6164External link
ovr3:2007 Spatial & temporal variations of PM10 and particle number concentrations in urban air  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 127:477-487.External link
ovr2:2007 The role of ambient temperature for particle number concentrations in a street canyon  Atmospheric Environment, 2007, 41, 2145-2155External link
ovr1:2007 Estimation and validation of PM2.5/PM10 exhaust and non-exhaust emissionfactors for practical street pollution modelling.  Atmos. Environ. 41 9370-9385External link
ovr4:2006 Effekter av vinterdäck - En kunskapöversikt  VTI Report 543External link
ovr3:2006 Short-term effects of particle number concentration on daily hospital - admissions and daily mortality.  Epidemiology, 17, Suppl., S202.External link
ovr2:2006 Long-term Exposure to Urban Air Pollution and Myocardial Infarction.  Epidemiology, 17, 383-390.External link
ovr1:2006 Eddy covariance measurements and parameterisation of traffic related particle emissions in an urban environment  Atmos. Chem. Phys., 6, 769-785External link
ovr9:2005 Luftföroreningarnas externa kostnader. Förslag på beräkningsmetod för trafiken utifrån granskning av ExternE-beräkningar för Stockholm och Sverige.  VTI Report 517External link
ovr8:2005 Kvävedioxid och ozon i tätortsluften - Halternas samspel och konsekvenser för hälsan.  SEPA (NV), ISBN:91-620-5519-4, report No:5519.External link
ovr7:2005 Urban scale modeling of particle number concentration in Stockholm.  Atmospheric Environment, 39, 1711-1725.External link
ovr6:2005 Comparative health impact assessment of local and regional particulate air pollutants in Scandinavia  Ambio, 34, 11-19.External link
ovr5:2005 A Model for vehicle Induced Non-tailpipe Emissions of Particles Along Swedish Roads.  Atmospheric Environment, 39, 6088-6097External link
ovr3:2004 Simulation of NOx and Ultrafine Particles in a Street Canyon in Stockholm, Sweden.  Atmospheric Environment, 38, 6730-6740External link
ovr2:2004 Real-World Traffic Emission Factors of Gases and Particles Measured in a Road Tunnel in Stockholm, Sweden  Atmospheric Environment, 38, 657-673External link
ovr1:2004 Model simulations of NOx and ultrafine particles close to a Swedish highway.  Environmental Science & Technology, 38, 6730-6740External link
ovr2:2003 Model simulation of ultrafine particles inside a road tunnel  Atmospheric Environment, 37, 2023-2036.External link
ovr1:2003 Particulate matter in the underground of Stockholm.  Atmospheric Environment, 37, 3-9.External link
ovr2:2002 Emissions of metals and particulate matter due to wear of brake linings in Stockholm.  In Air Pollution X (Brebbia, C.A., and Martin-Duque, J.F., eds.). WIT Press, Southampton, UK, ISBN 1-85312-916-X.External link
ovr1:2002 Cancer risk assessment, indicators, and guidelines for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the ambient air  Environmental Health Perspectives, 110, suppl 31, 451-488.External link
ovr1:2001 Using geographic information systems to assess individual historical exposure to air pollution in Stockholm County  Environmental Health Perspectives, 109, 633-639.External link
ovr1:2000 Urban Air Pollution and Lung Cancer in Stockholm.  Epidemiology, 11(5):487-495.External link